Jason Vitug

Hello, I’m Jason.

I am the creator of the Road to Financial Wellness and founder of the personal finance website, phroogal. I’m a bestselling author helping millennials achieve financial goals and live their dreams. My mission is to empower a generation to achieve their best life through financial wellness.

“An American Psychological Association survey found that 72% of Americans felt stressed about money in the past month—22% reported “extreme” stress . In addition to the physical symptoms of stress—depression, anxiety, viral disorders and worse—when people feel like they’re underwater, they’re also unlikely to take care of their health-care needs.” (Forbes, 2016)

I chose financial wellness (and not financial freedom or independence) because it acknowledges the importance of living today as well as planning for tomorrow.

I focus on improving your well-being as we improve your financial standing.

Financial wellness is the active pursuit of healthy living through financial planning and goal setting to live your best life.

In my first book, You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life, I wrote that personal finance has simple rules: save more than you spend, invest early and frequently, pay off debt and use credit sparingly, build assets, and create passive income.

These simple rules are often not followed because of our money mindset – thoughts and feelings about money. This mindset fosters our relationship with money that is the root of financial behaviors. It either helps us or hinders our ability to make decisions that support living our best lives.

In my follow-up book, I go deeper to give you daily actionable advice to increase your knowledge and inspire you to live your dreams.

As I continue on this quest to share financial wellness, I’ve developed these principles which are the core of my philosophy:

  • money is a tool,
  • time is a finite resource,
  • practice financial and self-awareness,
  • use the best products and services,
  • continuously learn,
  • have a vision for living,
  • spend mindfully,
  • save purposefully,
  • align financial decisions based on values,
  • and set financial goals that serve your purpose.

You can learn more about me on my personal website, jasonvitug.com.

You can connect with me on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram.

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