In order for us to complete this historic attempt, we’re going to need the help from innovative companies. This is a 50 state journey with online and offline events, contests, content creation, and a short documentary.

National Sponsorships

Presenting National Road Sponsor (1 of 1 available) 

National Social Media Sponsor (1 of 1 available)

National Online Sponsor (10 of 10 available)

Official Military Sponsor (1 of 1 available)

Official Money App or Product Sponsor (5 of 5 available)* 

What you’ll get? An experience that will reinvigorate your brand, employees, and customers. You become part of history empowering people to live better lives through financial knowledge and access.

  • massive exposure on social media (millions) and at events (thousands)
  • access to social influencers, authors, bloggers, and financial experts
  • blog posts and social media mentions by @phroogal reaching hundreds of thousands
  • a unique opportunity to highlight your financial education efforts
  • increase brand awareness of your products and services
  • logos on the website, presentations, and events

Serve your financial education mission. Be part of the conversation. Make financial education history.

Pit Stop Event Sponsorships

Our New Summit Events (6)

(Cities to be announced soon!)
Summit Event Presenting Sponsor (6 of 6 available)
Summit Event Road Sponsor (6 of 6 available)
Summit Event Driver Sponsor (6 of 6 available)
Summit Event Sponsors – starting at $500

Signature Pit Stop Events (25)

(Workshop events at offices, branches, community centers, military installations, colleges/universities)
Pit Stop Event Title Sponsor (15 out of 15) – $5,000
 *multiple sponsors can split Title Sponsor fee

Other Pit Stop Requests (10)

Lunch-and-Learns – $1,000
Meet-and-Greets – $1,000
Conference Appearance and Talk – *ask
Classroom Pit Stop (college or high school) – *ask

Social Meet ups and Outdoor Activities (15)

Social: restaurant, craft beer festivals, museums, wine tour
Outdoor: hot air balloon rides, spelunking, hiking, canoeing, camping, whitewater rafting

Official Money App  & Product Sponsorships

Official Credit Score App

Official Credit Card

Official Budgeting App

Official Savings App

Official Investing App

Official Student Loan App


In-kind Sponsorships

Automaker: we’d love to drive a new fuel efficient vehicle and blog about the savings
Lodging: we’ll need comfy place to stay to rest and create
Gas and Tolls: it’s a long haul traveling through
Airline: flying to Alaska and Hawaii for 3 people
Food: nourishment is key to staying healthy
Cell Service: we’ll need to stay connected and share our experiences
Publicity: we want to get the word out to the media
Other in-kind sponsorship ideas, please let us know.

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