Financial Wellness Seminars

We created these seminars to help you in a variety of topics around financial wellness. You may use these freely for yourself or for educational purposes.

If you’re interested in a license package, we’ll be announcing them soon. They’ll include slides, workbooks, training guides, and support.

Introduction to Behavioral Finance: Answering the Question as to Why We Act Irrationally with Money

Learn about a very recent new field combining psychology and financial theory. We explore the question of why we make irrational decisions. The plan is to introduce behavioral finance theory. The goal is for you to understand how our decision making is impacted by psychological behaviors. The takeaway is to know important concepts and become more aware of our financial decision making process.

The Psychology of Spending: Learn to Spend on What Matters Most to You

A seminar that looks to examine our mindset and spending habits.  The goal is to understand the inner motivations that cause us to spend.  The takeaway is to identify our spending behaviors, know differences between needs and wants, and prioritize saving over spending.  Make spending decisions based on what you love and need that creates the desired lifestyle you’ve dreamed about all these years.

The Road to Financial Wellness: Reshaping Your Money Mindset

Start with this seminar to gain a better understanding of your money mindset.  It’s how you think about money and your relationship with it that impacts how you build and create the lifestyle of your dreams. The plan is to provoke discussion and interest in the subject of personal finance. The goal is to incite action in furthering your education and knowledge. The hope is to build the foundation for you to achieve prosperity.

Introduction to Personal Finance: Take Charge of Your Finances

Learn the basics of personal finance from income to credit to frugality.  This is an in-depth introductory into the world of personal finance.  The plan is to introduce basic personal finance concepts and terminologies. The goal is for you to understand personal finance topics and the important role it plays in achieving goals and living wealthy. The takeaway is to know important concepts, identify financial warning signs and steps to create a plan and gain control.

Banking Basics and Saving Money: What They Didn’t Teach You at School

An important introduction to the financial industry, banking services and creating a savings strategy.  The plan is to introduce banking concepts and terminology.  The goal is to understand basic banking products and services and importance of saving money.  The takeaway is to know various banking products and services and create a savings strategy.

Budgeting: Create Your Spending Plan and Blueprint to Early Retirement

Learn about the budgeting process and get motivated to stick to your budget. A budget is a spending plan. It’s based on how much you make in income and your monthly expenses. By understanding your monthly income and expenses, you will be better able to manage your cash flow and determine how much money you can save and what debt you can take for mortgage or car purchases.

All About Credit Unions: The Alternative Banking Option Where You’re a Member-Owner

In this short seminar, you’ll quickly learn about the financial cooperative movement, credit union products and services, and the benefits of membership.  Gain a better understanding of the differences between credit unions and bank. You’ll also learn where to search and join a credit union and easy ways to find a credit union branch or ATM and other ways to access your accounts.

Credit Reports & Credit Scores Made Easy: Everything You Need to Know

Credit rating is a reflection of how you manage credit. Don’t like what you’re seeing. You have the power to fix it. The plan is to introduce credit reports and credit score fundamentals. The goal is to understand the important role of credit and how it impacts your financial future. The takeaway is to know important concepts, factors that impact credit scores, how to establish, maintain and repair credit, and know available resources.

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