financial wellness roadmap

5 Stages on the Financial Wellness Roadmap

There are 5 stages on the Financial Wellness Roadmap. You’re probably familiar with these terms: financial literacy, financial capability, financial security, financial independence, and financial freedom. I created the Roadmap to guide you to better health and wealth. My hope … Read More

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Millionaire Mindset books

5 Must Read Money Books for Future Millionaires

Money books have structured information that makes it easier to learn important topics like money. I’m a big fan of blogs and highly recommend reading blogger money stories, but money books provide more detail and have a start and an … Read More

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Losing Lottery Ticket Win in Life

How to Win in Life with Your Losing Lottery Tickets

I’ve played the lottery many times. Sometimes the lottery tickets yielded a $2 win. Most of the time they aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. The chance of winning the lottery is significantly lower than drowning in water and … Read More

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Create your dream life

You Only Live Once and Creating Your Dream Life

In my book, You Only Live Once, I explain how this mantra is helpful when applied to financial decisions today to create the life of your dreams. As millennials, YOLO living wasn’t something we created. It was a lifestyle we saw our … Read More

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money beliefs improve relationship with money

5 Money Beliefs to Improve Your Relationship with Money

On the road to financial wellness, understanding your money beliefs and relationship with money is fundamental in changing financial behaviors. If we don’t address how you think and feel about money, it’s going to be difficult to change how you … Read More

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Secret to Wealth Creation

A Millionaire Friend Shares the Secret to Wealth Creation

Everyone I know has wondered what it would be like to be…a millionaire. After writing the original post, a friend suggested I read a book called The Millionaire Next Door. I found many similarities my millionaire friend shared with the millionaire … Read More

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Money Stories

On the Road to Financial Wellness: Blogger Stories Part 5

This is the final group of bloggers on this year’s financial wellness blog tour. The following blogs address the power of dreams and the crushing blow of debt. They all have one thing in common and that was to break … Read More

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Financial Wellness Stories

On the Road to Financial Wellness: Blogger Stories Part 4

Part three of the financial wellness blogger stories, I find more compelling reasons why we need to continue to share our financial stories out into the world. These bloggers have shared powerful insights into their mindsets, behaviors, and the processes … Read More

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financial wellness stories

On the Road to Financial Wellness: Blogger Stories Part 3

Financial wellness is about your health and wealth. These stories touch upon the impact of money on our wellbeing. I’ve been loving these money stories because they are inspiring. I am learning so much from my blogger friends. Each of … Read More

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12 Financial Wellness Stories

On the Road to Financial Wellness: Blogger Stories Part 2

This series was created to share impactful financial wellness stories from our favorite bloggers. We all have money stories and it’s important to share them. Facts are important because they help us understand our situation, but stories pull on our … Read More

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