2018 Financial Wellness Tour Overview

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The Road to Financial Wellness began as a grassroots and social media experiment to break the taboo about money and turn local money discussions into a national conversation on financial wellbeing. The project was supported by bloggers, podcasters, CFP® and AFC® professionals, money coaches, financial advisors. It was funded by the generosity of credit unions, banks, startups, nonprofits, and government agencies.

We’re known for our special events attracting hundreds of people. Our signature wellness event (the Summit) has been called the “TED Talk” of the personal finance space.

Attendees are inspired and educated through financial storytelling from bloggers, social influencers, educators and financial professionals.

The phroogal team has co-hosted events in places such as:

  • bowling alleys
  • yoga studios
  • restaurants and bars
  • libraries
  • planetarium
  • coworking spaces and corporate offices
  • credit union branches and community centers
  • colleges and high schools
  • hotels and stadiums
  • county and state parks

After two successful years on the road, the experiment has evolved into a movement empowering a generation through knowledge, access, and community.

2015 and 2016 Joint Results





Financial wellness is about your health and wealth. It’s about the overall quality of the life you’re living.

What started as an experiment to break the social taboo about money has evolved into a movement helping thousands of people get on the road to financial wellness.

What is financial wellness?

Financial wellness is the active pursuit of healthy living through financial planning and goal setting to live your best life.

The key word is active pursuit which means taking action to improve your financial situation and well-being.

We’re helping you with knowledge, access, and community so you can: pay off debt, manage money, save more, spend less, build wealth, and retire at any age.

Did you know that money causes stress?

In a 2016 PwC Employee Financial Wellness survey, 52% of employees felt financial stress with 63% of millennials feeling financial pressures.

The survey indicated financial stress can impact your ability to perform well in your job. It can strain relationships. Stress has also been linked to mood swings and feelings of loneliness.

We don’t like stress because it reduces our ability to live our best life. We know that financial knowledge, access, and community can help us make better decisions to achieve our financial and life goals.


An empowered generation living their best lives through knowledge, access, and community.


An epic 50 state road trip breaking the social taboo about money and increasing financial awareness through events, meetups, and social media content.


  • Engage with local communities through financial wellness events
  • Share financial stories on blogs and social media
  • Discover resources and share programs and services

Event Types

  • Summits (6)
  • Workshops (12)
  • Workplace Financial Wellness (6)
  • Military Financial Readiness (5)
  • Universities and Colleges (5)
  • Festivals, Beer Gardens, Coffeeshops, Wineries and Beer Gardens
  • Outdoor Activities (hiking, spelunking, canoeing)

Sponsorship Opportunities

What we expect to happen after the road trip?

  • Build an online database of local and national financial resources
  • Provide access to products and services from value-based financial institutions
  • Offer access to financial experts, fee-only CFP® and AFC® professionals
  • Connect with nonprofit educational organizations

The Road to Financial Wellness Road Trip 2018

Road to Financial Wellness Phroogal

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