2016 Financial Wellness Blog Tour

We asked our blogger friends, “What does financial wellness mean to you?” and these are their answers. Learn from over 50 personal finance bloggers.

Blog Name The Road to Financial Wellness Blog Posts
Cheapsters My Personal Road to Financial Wellness: What Freelancing is Really All About
Event Steven Money The Road to Financial Wellness 2.0
Notorious Debt Finnish Folk Metal and a House In The Woods: What Financial Empowerment Means To Me
High Five Dollars The Time I Quit My Job With No Backup Plan
Dear Debt On #THEROAD2016: What is Financial Wellness?
Dream Beyond Debt My $200 Triump
Mortimors Money Machines Are You Trapped on the Yellow Brick Road?
Simply Save My Personal Finance “Aha” Moment
Money Smart Latina Preparation Is My Financial Empowerment
Super Savings Tips Financial Empowerment – My Road to Financial Wellness
College Prep Ready 4 Lessons that I Learned from My First Major Financial Decision – Paying for College
Integrity Wealth Advisors Stop Feeling Helpless and Start Feeling Empowered!
Friday Night Shenanigans Finding Financial Empowerent Through Loss
Shop My Closet Project The Phroogal Road to Financial Wellness
Debt Free Guys Road to Financial Wellness 2016
Budgeting in the Fun Stuff You Don’t Have to Settle – True Financial Empowerment
Simplify, Spend Less, and Live More How I Improved My Financial Wellness by Blogging
Debt Discipline The Road to Financial Wellness
Clever Girl Finance I Saved Over $100,000 in 3.5 Years And Here’s How I Did It
Our Debt Free Family A Pathway to Freedom
Financially Blonde The Power of Desire
Debt Free Divas Break Up With Debt and Accept the Gift of Financial Empowerment
The College Investor How To Feel Financially Empowered and Make the Best Decisions Possible
Adventures in Frugal I made near poverty wages for two years; here are the lessons I’ll take with me for a lifetime
Debt Blag I still live the “You only live once” life, but it has a totally different meaning now than it did when I was younger
Young Yet Wise 7 steps to take when you’re ready to get serious about your money
Candi Sparks Get Your Money Back!
Red Two Green The Road 2016
Teens Cents The Road to Financial Wellness For Teens
Planting Money Seeds Do You Give Your Money a Purpose?
Hope & Cents The Danger in Being Fine
Frugal Millennial My Personal Finance “Aha” Moment
Life and a Budget From Scarcity to Abundance
From Frugal To Free From Frugal To Free
Hacking Your Budget Education. The First Step Toward Financial Empowerment
Cashville Skyline How Much is An Hour of Your Life Worth? #TheRoad2016
Fi Big Sky Fear and Fortune – Find Your Journey to Financial Wellness
Debt Free After Three 20 Questions to Determine Your Financial Health
The Frugal Farmer Why Financial Wellness Matters
I am the Future me The 2016 Financial Olympics
My Debt Piphany My Journey to Defeating Poverty
Sophisticated Spender Here’s What Happened At The Road To Financial Wellness Tour: The Capital Pit Stop
Piggy Bank Dreams How My Family’s Financial Wellness Journey Allowed Me to Become a Stay-at-Home Mom
Principles of Increase Financial Wellness and Redefining the American Dream #TheRoad2016
The Butler Journal How I Got Here and How I’m Fixing It
Pretend to be Poor What My Four Year Old Taught Me About Investing
Debt Freedom Journey In the Face of Disability, Financial Wellness is Key
Med School Financial What Does Financial Empowerment Mean to You?
The Freedom From Money Your Money is Bigger Than You
Pia Smyth Get Weird To Get Ahead
House of Tre The Road to Financial Wellness: Finding Your Path