We all need resources and here are a few resources we recommend.

# Resource Needed Website Twitter
1 Free Credit Report AnnualCreditReport.com
2 Free Credit Scores Credit Sesame @creditsesame
3 Personal Finance Management Tool Personal Capital @personalcapital
4 Auto Savings App Digit @hellodigit
5 Investing App Acorns @acorns
6 Find a credit union aSmarterChoice.org @asmarterchoice
7 Consolidate student loans SoFi @sofi
8 Consolidate credit cards Payoff @payoff
9 Apply for a personal loan Lending Club @lendingclub
10 Use car sharing Uber @uber
11 Start a blog and get hosting SiteGround @siteground

As for full disclosure, the links above may be affiliate links and we earn income, if you decide to sign up, download, apply or open an account. Some of these service are free, and others are not and have specific terms and conditions. The affiliate income we earn helps us continue working on our mission.