Become part of financial wellness history and sponsor The Road to Financial Wellness.

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Current Bumper Sticker Sponsor Amount:

Join us on an epic cross country road trip to break the social taboo about money and empower a generation to live their dream lifestyle through financial knowledge.

We’re trying a different approach this year with our initiative by incorporating a “savings challenge” to raising funds to help us offset the cost of local pit stops and national road trip expenses. We’re calling it a rolling sponsorship. Your organization has the opportunity to be part of history through the Bumper Sticker Sponsor program.

Well, we won’t actually have your logo on our car’s bumper but we’ll place it on the website for the entire world to see. So, you don’t need to be behind our car to see your logo.

How does it work?

You can sponsor the road trip by the current dollar amount shown. Each time another organization sponsors the road trip, the amount goes up by one dollar.

The current sponsorship amount is show below (just click the orange button):


It works like this:

– First bumper sticker sponsor, $1
– Second bumper sticker sponsor, $2
– Third bumper sticker sponsor, $3
– …
– 50th bumper sticker sponsor, $50
– …
– 128th bumper stick sponsor, $128
– …
– And so on.

The cumulative amount raised will go a long way in supporting our road trip and the mission months into the future once the road ends. For example = $1+$2+$3 = $6.

We’ll update our Bumper Sticker Sponsor page daily, so check back on the amazing organizations, credit unions, local banks and nonprofits joining us on this historic attempt.

Why did we decide to take this approach? 

It gives many more organizations an opportunity to participate. Our goal is to connect and engage, and not to exclude innovative but financially strapped organizations from participating.

– It supports financial education by tying in fundamental money principles about money, savings and time.

– Today is as good as any day to save (sponsor). The sooner you start the better the benefits.

– We want to emphasize that small amounts can and do add up to support achieving dreams.

What will you get?

  1. 3 copies of You Only Live Once: The Roadmap top Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life authored by Jason Vitug (Retail value $27.95/each or $55.90).
  2. Lifetime access to The Road to Financial Wellness (2016 version) of Your Money Mindset seminar (presentation slides, pdfs, work sheets, training guide, discussions, activities). A complete 60 minute workshop. (Valued at $849)
  3. Logo on Bumper Sticker Sponsor page of www.roadtofinancialwellness.com
  4. A Facebook mention, Twitter shoutout and live roll call using Periscope, Facebook Live or other streaming service.
  5. And an opportunity to win 1 of 5 coffee break or lunch pit stops (regional)*. (Valued at $1,500).
  6. **Credit unions, if your state league is participating, you have an additional opportunity to win a pit stop on The Road to Financial Wellness 2016.

*5 lucky organizations will have the chance to be part of the road trip and win a coffee break or lunch pit stop where the Phroogal team will stop by for a fun and educational event.

**We are working with a number of credit union leagues. If you’re credit union league is participating, one credit union from each participating state league will win a pit stop during the road to financial wellness.

Want to schedule a pit stop or sponsor an event instead? Send us a message.