Blogger Series: What Does Financial Wellness Mean to You?

We asked our blogger friends to share what financial wellness means to them. Over 40 bloggers joined as part of our #TheRoad2016 blog tour.

The goal of the road trip is to listen and share the powerful stories of so many amazing people that are striving to keep a balance between health and wealth. Here are their stories:

Jackie of Cheapsters wrote:

“When you freelance you get paid for the value you bring, not the time you put in. Conversely, you can see the clear exchange between your time and money. Oftentimes I consider whether it’s more valuable to me to get paid X amount of money to write an article or keep that time to myself, whether to go on a hike, spend time with my friends, work on my fiction, or just lollygag!”

Read more about her story of freelancing to freedom on Cheapsters.org.

Steven of Even Steven Money wrote:

“Financial Empowerment.  When I first came across these 2 words, they didn’t really mean much to me.  Over time they meant a little more.  It all started with a budget and knowing where my money was going.  That made me feel empowered.  Then I sold my car and next paid off my credit cards, which made me feel in control.”

Read more about his change in mindset and letting go of debt.

Lindsay of Notorious Debt wrote:

“This is what financial empowerment means to me. It means not giving up and resigning myself to a life of crappy apartments, TV, and Cheetos. It means taking an active role in changing how I spend money, instead of being a passive spender, subject to whatever whims my brain has when I wake up that day. It a way that makes it possible for me to afford the things I really want.”

Read more about her philosophy that you should spend on what matters.


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    Betty says

    Financial wellness is the safety blanket as you wake up every morning that tells you no matter what financial emergency gets thrown upon you that day or every day going forward, you can handle it because you are in control of your finances. Your money is working for you. Financial knowledge is powerful, it’s learning to use other people’s money for your benefit, whether it’s that 0% credit card for 21 months because your credit is excellent or the dividends & interest you’re constantly earning on your investments because you chose to save and not spend. Financial empowerment speaks of your priorities and values.

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    Lynette Davis says

    Financial Wellness means paying off my house early and global travel.

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